Breathing Space at 512 hours


This post began as a literal description of 512 Hours, but I changed my mind halfway. I just returned from a weekend in London, where I spent four hours (split between two visits) at 512 Hours – the latest long-form Marina Abramovic performance (/event/experience). I first showed up at Serpentine Gallery on an uncharacteristically hot Saturday afternoon, having made my way past hundreds of swans, flower beds, and cyclists at Hyde Park. The walk to the gallery took almost an …

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Photo Flurry 119 – LA Trip for Gag Me With a Toon 5

Steven Daily’s mural at WWA gallery LA was fun this time around, surpassed only by the car ride, which included learning Slovenian and teaching Russian and singing Slavic folk songs in unison. The opening reception for Gag Me With a Toon 5 was filled with much-missed friends, some excellent surprise run-ins and model behavior from Micron, who peacefully snoozed in her carrier the entire night. I wore my most ridiculous leggings and space shoes and lots of eyeliner, while RedBull …

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Photo Flurry 116 – LA Spin for Conjoined 3

Took my first trip back to Angel City last weekend for the opening reception of Chet Zar’s Conjoined 3. This annual group show has been an awe-inspiring congregation of talent from the start, but this year’s participants may have made Conjoined 3  its most impressive installment yet – the entire exhibition catalog is here. I interviewed Chet Zar and wrote a short introductory piece about Conjoined on Haute Macabre – click to read it. Fear and Loathing by Kevin Kirkpatrick I spent about …

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Inkdrops 027 – Amorphophallus Venusinus for Wonderland Gallery

In November, I was part of the Skulls exhibit at Kat Von D’s Wonderland gallery. Close to one hundred artists reinterpreted acrylic skulls we received in the mail. Mine is inspired by Russian lacquer art, my Alien Botany research and gilded grills everywhere. After painting one of my specimen in gold leaf paint on the skull, I collaborated with graffiti artist Seraphix on the script (thanks, Antoni!). A bunch of pictures were taken before I sent the finished skull off to Wonderland, but I haven’t had …

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Declaration Station

Good morning, stardust surfers! Here are a few announcements for the coming weeks. October 11 This Thursday, I’m struttin’ for Halcyon  at the gorgeous historical Mayan theater in downtown LA. Get your tickets today, right here, by clicking the yellow banner titled, “Provocations”. November 2 I have a piece in the 100 Skulls exhibit at Kat Von D’s Wonderland gallery. My skull is inspired by Russian lacquer art, my Alien Botany research and gilded grills everywhere. A sneak peek of the …

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This Friday: Veneris XIII Group Show

This week, on Friday the 13th, I’ll be exhibiting three ink drawings at Veneris XIII – a group exhibit held at Skotia gallery. For this show, I’ve revisited the ladies in Snake Charmer, Silent Starlet and Stork Whispers, cutting out and mounting the original drawings on black – the way I always imagined them but didn’t have the chance to actualize before. They’ll be hung alongside the work of Kent Williams, Jason Shawn Alexander, Kevin Llewellyn, Stephanie Inagaki, Brandon Boyd, Suzy O’Mullane, …

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Newsflash: Leather Toons Gagging on Clippers

NEWS #1 I have a brand new, bever-before-seen piece I’m working on as we speak in next month’s Gag Me With A Toon group show at WWA gallery. This is the most awesome news, because I’ve wanted to be part of this exhibition since it launched four years ago and now I’m finally able to dedicate myself to doing just that. I won’t spoil the surprise, but let’s just say I’m taking a beloved character I grew up with and …

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Photo Flurry 095 – Conjoined 2: The Sequel in 3D

Good morning! Closer to noon here, actually, as I’ve managed to inexplicably sleep past 10 for the second day in a row. After several minutes of cold-sweat-panic and confusion, I’m now enjoying it with a mug of homemade mocha and a pile of photos to dig through. First up, a few shots from the Conjoined reception. Above is me with my paintings – don’t let the squintface fool you, it was a super-fun night! To finally finish not one, but …

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Oilslicks 008 – See the Cypripedium at Conjoined 2!

My latest painting, the startling Cypripedium Lingua, is now finished! Come see it in the flesh, along with the Cephalotus Geminus, this Saturday at Conjoined 2. If you haven’t already, check out this Haute Macabre write-up about Conjoined and, if you’re in LA on Saturday, be sure to come say hello at the show! I heard through the grapevine there will be an interactive robot tentacle, so you know where I’ll be all night. The details: This Saturday, January 21st 8 – …

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Inkdrops 017: Sneak Preview of Travis Louie Collab

Technically this isn’t an “Inkdrop”, but we have more important things to focus on. As just announced over at Coilhouse, I have a piece in Travis Louie’s epic collaborative art show, The Ghost of Delilah and Other Stories. Here is a super-secret previous of mine and Travis’ collaboration, titled “Cosmic Dreams”. Travis is on a plane right now and can’t punish me for showing it to you. Yet. Other collaborations include work by Craola, Chet Zar, Lola, Fred Harper, my …

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Tomorrow Night: Join Me at The Poetry Brothel!

It’s almost time to emerge from move-induced seclusion, and the official occasion shall be this Saturday, June 5. See, I’m displaying my Pleiads paintings, along with a few smaller pieces, at an appropriately saucy event – The Poetry Brothel. Please join me and featured performer Clint Catalyst at what’s sure to be an unforgettable night of delights and debauchery. This installment’s theme is “The Best Little Whorehouse in Los Angeles”, time to bust out those tassels and spurs! The Poetry …

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