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Green Dominion at Castle Buchanan

Abandoned buildings are poetic monuments to lost histories, the passage of time, the nuances of decay and inevitably, for now, the triumph of nature over all. What left some the deepest impressions from my recent trip to Scotland is its multitude of such spectral ruins. Driving along the west coast, the word “majesty” comes to mind without a trace of irony – the natural splendour is vast, grand, and breathtakingly beautiful. This land is old and born of fire, its colossal …

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Parchment Ghosts at John Rylands Library

Among the world’s architectural wonders built in the name of love, the Victorian neo-Gothic library built by Enriqueta Augustina Rylands in her husband’s memory on Deansgate in Manchester stands apart. Looms apart, in fact – and it does loom. Opened in 1900, this dark red construction of Barbary stone was designed to resemble a church with Arts and Crafts flourishes, vaulted stained glass windows, and an entrance echoing a monastery gatehouse. The entrance hall and main staircase are stonework masterpieces, …

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Tangled Oaks and Dithering Green in Wistman’s Wood

One of the most memorable days on our recent holiday was spent in the ancient, mythical Wistman’s Wood – a tangle of gnarled oaks growing against considerable odds on a stony hillside in Dartmoor, Devon. After a half hour’s walk across serene hilltops dotted with rainbow sheep (colour-coded by owners to keep track), approaching this tree maze took my breath away. Branches twisted together into a reptilian canopy stretched over roots gripping giant boulders. Plush moss covered nearly everything, creeping …

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Our Own Personal Castle

Imagine being able to choose between hundreds of unique, historic landmark buildings for your holiday stay, with lighthouses, former catholic schools, old hospitals, castles, and medieval farmhouses available for rent as part of a nationwide conservation initiative. In England, you can, thanks to The Landmark Trust. Availability is scarce, but that’s just more reason to make A Plan, then pile your (well-behaved, responsible) crew into a private castle for a weekend. G and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to give the Landmark …

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Megaliths in Avebury Set to Music in the Trees

I’m back from a glorious expedition across the English countryside, which is as good a reason as any to shake off the blogwebs and share some of the beauty and magic I’ve encountered along the way. There’s nothing like a road trip to reset and fall in love with a place, which is precisely what’s happened over the past two weeks. On July 20th, having just taken down a sizeable exhibition (a fantastic one, at that, read about it here), …

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Reykjavik Blast-off: Hallgrímskirkja

I spent my winter holiday in Iceland – the place I’d been dreaming of for the better part of decade. With new year’s eve approaching, I stocked up on cold-weather gear, packed a minimal photo-configuration, and set off for the frosty shores of the North Atlantic Ocean. We set up base in Reykjavik, where the capital’s crowning jewel is Hallgrímskirkja – a brutalist spaceship of a church that’s visible from miles away. It greeted us everywhere we went, accordion wings peeking around corners, steeple waving …

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Sparkles and Spice

“How did it get so late so soon? It’s night before it’s afternoon. December is here before it’s June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?”  – Dr. Seuss It’s December and I suddenly miss this place. It seems with the end of the year approaching, I’m slowing down with as much tenacity as when revving up in spring. But reflection isn’t the point of this update, that’s for another time. Today is …

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Sorbet Spring in Windsor

Someone recently asked me when I moved to London and it made me pause. Though we arrived in late November, it feels like it’s been just a few months. Perhaps it’s because the fist two months were spent touristing around town from our temporary apartment, or because we just built the final piece of furniture for our new semipermanent home two weeks ago – whatever the case, London didn’t really feel like we live in it until we returned from …

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Art, Science and Immortality at the Morbid Anatomy Museum

Last week, I decided to stop by the Morbid Anatomy Museum during a 48-hour trip to NYC. As a long-time reader of the Morbid Anatomy blog –a veritable wunderkammer of antique scientific illustration, among a multitude of macabre treats–, I was elated when the Kickstarter-funded physical museum opened its doors last year. A walk across Brooklyn offered the opportunity to finally have a look around. I didn’t have time to research before my visit, and was surprised to discover no permanent collection, per …

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Disembarking the Torpedo: Goodbye 2015

It’s time to say do svidanja to 2015! If you’ve been here a while, you know I’m something of a Russian traditionalist, in that I take the weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve seriously. Resolutions, deep–cleaning wherever home is at the moment, purging whatever is no longer needed – I’m into the lot of it. I love big fluffy holiday ferns and presents, and end-of-ear blog posts, too. The past twelve months have been so intense, writing this was no small feat. Get cozy, comrades, this is …

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Alien Botany is Going to Japan!

Yesterday, I may have looked a little funny as I carried a Very Big Box across downtown San Mateo, but it didn’t matter because I had a mission. My destination: the post office. The box’s destination: Masumoto city, Japan. I’m supremely delighted to announce that if the box in question reaches its destination safely and you live near Nagano, you’ll be able to buy Alien Botany leggings at Schrödinger’s Closet in a few weeks. I’m honored to be included in this boutique’s …

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Strange Encounters – Alien Botany Lands Again

  • AlienBotany_StrangeEncounters_10-600x400.jpg

The afternoon shadows are getting longer. The nights approach a little faster each day. Something is in the air, and it’s not just autumn’s steps, it’s…. A massive object hurling towards Earth, exploding into confetti of otherworldly tendrils and black spandex mid-air! A strange creature emerges. Behold, as she explores this alien terrain! Say goodbye to preorders, fellow cosmonomads! At least this time, because Toxic and Void Alien Botany leggings are now in the shop, in a very limited edition, …

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Photo Flurry: Our Botanical Wonderland Wedding Party

  • ZoGasper_153-600x400.jpg

We were featured on A Practical Wedding! Click here to see more photos and read about the technical aspects of planning an overseas party. Around this time last August, G and I drove across most of the Croatian coast during our honeymoon, starting in Peroij and island-hopping our way to Zadar, from where we took the coastal route to Dubrovnik. Rewind a few more months to our wedding: a private ceremony at the Ljubljana Castle in January of last year. No friends …

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Photo Flurry: Red Planet

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It was already after five in the desert. Approaching Arches national park in the rented Toyota, we were suddenly surrounded by rainbows. Or had the rainbows been following us? I was sure I’d seen two across a great Utah expanse earlier that day. We rushed against advancing night. The late afternoon sun made the sandstone glow fire-red and, out of season, the mostly vacant, blazing sprawl was probably the closest I’d been to seeing Mars. Against bright blue sky, these colossi had little in common with the names people …

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