Disembarking the Torpedo: Goodbye 2015


It’s time to say do svidanja to 2015! If you’ve been here a while, you know I’m something of a Russian traditionalist, in that I take the weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve seriously. Resolutions, deep–cleaning wherever home is at the moment, purging whatever is no longer needed – I’m into the lot of it. I love big fluffy holiday ferns and presents, and end-of-ear blog posts, too. The past twelve months have been so intense, writing this was no small feat. Get cozy, comrades, this is …

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Over the Wall

Last week, we packed a couple of suitcases, loaded into a rental, and headed for the hills. It had been a while since my last cross-country road trip, which I remember only vaguely as a breakneck race to Salt Lake City, where I writhed my way through a butoh-inspired performance, then rushed back to LA without seeing much of anything. It was high time for a new Great American Expedition, and G attending a conference in Aspen meant the time …

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Published: Clear to the Marrowbones and Black Mirrors

  • ClintZoetica_6009-600x400.jpg

Over the moon to have these chimerical photos published in the “Blood” issue of the gorgeous Giuseppina Magazine. Clint and I have been friends for eight years this year, comrades and confidantes across oceans of time, and regular oceans, too. Eight years, eerily like the characters in the editorial’s namesake poem by Sparrow13. An excerpt: me and him know each other clear to the marrowbones and black mirrors by now me and him go on anyway eight years or twenty …

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Auxiliary Magazine 34 Cover Story

Zoetica Ebb in the cover of Auxiliary Magazine, Issue 34.

I’m delighted to announce that I’m the cover model -and cover story- of Auxiliary Magazine Issue 34! Get yourself a copy to see new, previously-unreleased work and read the very first interview about my Alien Botany art series and fashion line, as well as just about everything else. From style, SciFi and the art world, to living the cosmonomad life, working in multiple mediums and finding balance, this in-depth interview has it all! And I had a lot of fun …

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Breathing Space at 512 hours


This post began as a literal description of 512 Hours, but I changed my mind halfway. I just returned from a weekend in London, where I spent four hours (split between two visits) at 512 Hours – the latest long-form Marina Abramovic performance (/event/experience). I first showed up at Serpentine Gallery on an uncharacteristically hot Saturday afternoon, having made my way past hundreds of swans, flower beds, and cyclists at Hyde Park. The walk to the gallery took almost an …

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Landed: Alien Botany Space Paste-Up


Friends and fellow space rats, the stars smile on us this day because the first-ever high-res download of an Alien Botany paste-up is here, absolutely free! As promised when I launched my Patreon page last month, I made an easy-to-print PDF of the Mimus Candentis specimen, with not one, not two, but three (three! three!) pieces for you to beautify your room or street with, each at a different level of complexity. Right-click + Save: How It’s Done Have 12 …

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Roman Viktyuk and Salome’s Frenzy

Theater is a big deal in Russia. I was regularly brought to puppet shows, the ballet and plays as a kid. Sounds luxurious, but we were’t especially wealthy and this was pretty normal for the times. The performing arts were known, respected, televised – they were part of everyday life. And for better or worse, theater is still a dominant ingredient in Russia’s pop-culture cake. In addition to TV and music celebrity, stage celebrity remains a Big Deal in Russia, which …

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Alien Botany Gets Serious with Patreon

Last Monday, I launched a page on Patreon, focused largely around my ongoing Alien Botany project and this blog. I hadn’t made much noise about it online because I wanted to feel things out first, and so far it’s been an overwhelmingly positive and brain-tickling experience. As I say on the page, Patreon offers something that’s part old-school patronage we can actually afford and part art coven, with secret blogs, special stuff (like patrons-only Crystal Cat postcards) and occasional face …

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From the Ashes


Hello and welcome! After too much time spent in code purgatory, the new is risen! This version features a responsive one-page design, a new Projects section, new art in the shop, and other features I’ll leave you to explore on your own. Please, have a look around and let me know what you think – I’d love to hear from you. We’re still updating the galleries, so stay tuned!

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In Brief: The Secret Guide and Outside the Lines

Outside The Lines: An Artists Coloring Book I was invited to be part of this amazing, unique project, and if you know awesome kids (or any awesome people, really), you need it, stat. It’s been a pleasure watching Outside the Lines come together, and I’m proud to have one of my early Alien Botany drawings included alongside so many fantastic artists. I don’t have my copy yet, but here’s my friend Verdell’s photo of my contribution, from the book launch party: …

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Antiviral: Cronenberg Resurrected


It’s been a while since I felt compelled to write about a cultural artifact, but the tide is turning. A couple of days ago I was in the twilight zombie state between consciousness and sleep, browsing the US Netflix site for something stupid and fun to watch, when a description caught my eye: Antiviral – This wild sci-fi vision imagines a freaky future where diseases caught by celebrities are put on the market for injection by their obsessed fans. The …

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Operation I – Hunting and Gathering


Our first dinner in the Dublin apartment, just over a month ago: duck and fried rice from the late-night take-away place across the road, washed down with some good, cheap Chilean Merlot. It was perfect, but after two weeks’ worth of take out and pub food during our apartment hunt, we were in dire need of fresh produce. Exhibit A: When we first moved in, we were happy to find a mini-grocery store on our block… Happy until our first …

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Operation I – Loose Ends

Just a little update while I take a green-tea-and-sesame-pudding break from final packing hour. I’ve taken on the role of Chief Relocation Officer while G finished up last-week deadlines at his soon-to-be-former job, and this week was all about catching him up on my research and the tying up of loose ends, namely: Initiating the application for a bank account, which is essential for renting an apartment in Dublin More apartment browsing! Still undecided, but here is a view at …

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Operation I: The Meaning of Stuff

(Source.) It’s been a week since my last Operation I post. For those of you just joining us, my significant other, my significant chihuahua and I are in the midst of a temporary move from Northern California to Dublin, Ireland (hence the “I”, hurr durr) – and believe you me, it’s been quite the involved operation so far. Far from daunting, though, because I love moving, always have. I remember fantasizing about packing up and heading somewhere new when I was as …

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Operation I – Step One: Moving Micron

Micron is my beloved space-cockroach, my favorite nano-beast, the one and only chihuahua of my heart. It’s Day One of Ireland-related planning, and, of course, dog-travel is the first point of order. As of 3:15PM, I’ve spent about four hours researching, getting quotes, and talking with vets to fully understand what it takes to move a small dog from California to Dublin. Turns out it’s an expensive pain in the royal butts, but it could have been worse: until last …

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