Style Dispatch

Strange Encounters – Alien Botany Lands Again

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The afternoon shadows are getting longer. The nights approach a little faster each day. Something is in the air, and it’s not just autumn’s steps, it’s…. A massive object hurling towards Earth, exploding into confetti of otherworldly tendrils and black spandex mid-air! A strange creature emerges. Behold, as she explores this alien terrain! Say goodbye to preorders, fellow cosmonomads! At least this time, because Toxic and Void Alien Botany leggings are now in the shop, in a very limited edition, …

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Style Dispatch 028: Ode to Jumpsuits

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Esteemed Patreon patron, Danika, recently won one of our raffles and requested a Style Dispatch featuring my beloved waxed denim jumpsuit. This is one of my favorite garments to date, in part thanks to its resilience, in part because of its exaggerated shape. I’ve loved and collected jumpsuits for many, many years. They’re super-utilitarian supervillain fare and they solve the questions of top and bottom in one go, which is all I really want from a garment. My early jumpsuits came to …

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Style Dispatch 027: Dilly-dally


Every so often, usually following a week of too much work and caffeine, in my case, it happens: a day of absent-minded, stargazing laziness. Not a big deal when there isn’t much on the agenda, but when you’re up to your ears in To-dos, this state makes for one tough adversary. You need speed, decisiveness, resolve – and a near-effortless look that doesn’t impede any of the above. Derrrp. Air-dryed hair, minimal make-up and light layers will keep things simple …

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Style Dispatch 026 – Summer Bedouin


Ubiquitous too-tight cutoffs and highlighter crop tops trumpet its arrival. The muggy morning air corroborates their message. There’s no denying it: summer, my nemesis, is here again. As far as I’m concerned, getting tan, the sensation of being hot, and summer style can all go to hell. Ever notice how much better everyone looks when temperatures drop and the scarves, boots and coats come out? Summer is the opposite of that. If you’ve been following my fashion, you know that …

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Style Dispatch 025 – Color Supernova

This is an especially uncharacteristic Style Dispatch, inspired by the blue rainbow hair I had back in October – which is the chief reason I bought this incredible dress. I just couldn’t resist the Rorschach snakeskin pattern, the kaleidoscopic color combination, and the sheer back panel. And if one is going to wear color, one might as well wear color! Amelia was in town from the UK and we were long-overdue for a photo expedition. We set out with photographer …

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Style Dispatch 024 – Tousled Lad

When I was thirteen, all I wanted to wear were baggy jeans, T-shirts and oversized hoodies, which – with my long light brown hair –  left me looking like a long–lost member of Hanson. The main reasons being comfort and the aversion to the so-called male gaze, not to mention the fact that I didn’t really feel especially “girly” in the frilly dresses sense of the word – the appeal of femininity in the classic sense didn’t really rear its …

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Last 72 Hours to Save on GHST RDR

A quick reminder that you have  less than 72 hours left to receive 20% off the GHST RDR collection when purchasing the jacket and skirt together, or a 10% discount when buying an individual piece. Enter the code “HT MCBR” at checkout to reap the sleek, tailored, supervillainess-worthy rewards. Because we love you, that’s why. Click here for a large slideshow of the entire Half-Light Beach editorial, featuring GHST RDR, or check out a 520-px one below. Photogaphy: Lydia Hudgens // Featured: GHST RDR jacket and skirt , …

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Editorial + GHST RDR Promotion on Haute Macabre

Good morning, mein lieblings! I’m proud to present Half-light Beach – a very dreamy editorial I shot on Malibu sand this fall with Lydia Hudgens and Stephanie Inagaki. This might actually be my new favorite photo-shoot of all time. It’s live today exclusively on Haute Macabre, along with some very good news for those who have been coveting the GHST RDR mini-collection: That’s right, folks! For a very limited time you can get up to 20% off the collection, in …

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Style Dispatch 022 – Walking in LA

Quick photo-documentation of last night’s outfit for you, which happens to be another good example of my everyday summer look. My friend Josh was playing at the Staples Center, so Courtney and I walked over from her place downtown – comfortable shoes were a must. COMPONENTS Black tank top – H&M White tank top – H&M Leggings – F21 Boots – Net scarf – H&M Hoop earrings – a hardware store in Toronto Watch – Loemanns Square bangles – …

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Style Dispatch 021: Burning Chrome

All styling, makeup and photos are by me This here is what you might call your standard Bad Bitch Outfit. Sex and violence together, ready to take on the city and take no shit while doing it. Short skirt, tight T-shirt, suspenders that double as slingshots, leather, boots comfortable enough to climb in, a sweet little bag that will knock out teeth just as well as it will hold a mobile device. The street finds its own uses for things. …

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Style Dispatch 020: GHST RDR Lives!

It’s time! As promised, GHST RDR, my collaboration with Toronto’s future fashion pioneers, Plastik Wrap, is now live. Or undead – whatever! These two pieces are available for custom orders only, and at 189.00 and 149.00 CAD, you will agree this is one fabulous deal. And I don’t use the word “fabulous” in vain, ever. Photos – Allan Amato | Hair – Adriana Mireles | Models – Zoetica Ebb and Ulorin Vex It’s so gratifying to finally offer this jacket …

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Style Dispatch 019 – GHST RDR Is Coming

Announcement time! On Monday May 9th, GHST RDR, my collaboration with Plastik Wrap, will become available for custom orders through We released this preview of the mini collection two days ago: Photo – Allan Amato | Hair – Adriana Mireles | Models – Zoetica Ebb and Ulorin Vex From Haute Macabre: Titled GHST RDR, the tailored top and square skirt combo is inspired by strict riding jackets of the Victorian era, Anime and the dark punk aesthetic. Classic tailoring …

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Style Dispatch 018 – Winter Skirts and Pointy Shoes

With my closet purged and organized, I’m reaping the benefits and letting go of my boots+leggings+oversize top+leather jacket uniform. Rediscovering my wardrobe is quite refreshing! I’ve found a respectable arsenal of skirts which I’ve been diligently putting into rotation. Lately, I’m especially feelin’ maxi-skirts. I’m 5’4, and have often read that short people should avoid wearing long skirts as they shrink the silhouette, add bulk, bluh bluh bluhh. This might matter if you really care about “appearing” taller, but if …

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