Every so often, usually following a week of too much work and caffeine, in my case, it happens: a day of absent-minded, stargazing laziness. Not a big deal when there isn’t much on the agenda, but when you’re up to your ears in To-dos, this state makes for one tough adversary. You need speed, decisiveness, resolve – and a near-effortless look that doesn’t impede any of the above.


Air-dryed hair, minimal make-up and light layers will keep things simple and versatile – versatility being an important consideration in temperamental climates like Dublin’s.


Of course, when faced with acute laziness, even the simplest of looks can turn into a gateway to protracted procrastination. Perhaps you were going to go with a coat of mascara and lip gloss, but then.. Brows! Eye shadow! The next thing you know, another 15 minutes are lost to the make up void.

Derp? Derp.

And by “you”, I mean myself, because that’s exactly what happened before I decided this condition was amusing enough to document in the form of this Very Lazy Style Dispatch. Also, I happened to be wearing my Void leggings, which seemed timely, considering the Alien Botany collection just became available for limited-time pre-orders once again!


For anyone wondering if I ever managed to escape – I did. After a bucket of matcha and two hours past schedule.


  • Hoodie: H&M
  • Cream tank top: AllSaints
  • Leggings: Alien Botany in “Void”
  • High tops: Demobaza


  • Brows: Inglot gel liner
  • Eyes: MAC eye shadow in “Green Smoke”
  • Lashes: L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara in “Carbon”
  • Lips: random no-brand gloss
  • Face: Kat Von D foundation in 48
  • Hair: not a dang thang

Until the Future!