Published: Clear to the Marrowbones and Black Mirrors

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Over the moon to have these chimerical photos published in the “Blood” issue of the gorgeous Giuseppina Magazine. Clint and I have been friends for eight years this year, comrades and confidantes across oceans of time, and regular oceans, too. Eight years, eerily like the characters in the editorial’s namesake poem by Sparrow13. An excerpt: me and him know each other clear to the marrowbones and black mirrors by now me and him go on anyway eight years or twenty …

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Auxiliary Magazine 34 Cover Story

Zoetica Ebb in the cover of Auxiliary Magazine, Issue 34.

I’m delighted to announce that I’m the cover model -and cover story- of Auxiliary Magazine Issue 34! Get yourself a copy to see new, previously-unreleased work and read the very first interview about my Alien Botany art series and fashion line, as well as just about everything else. From style, SciFi and the art world, to living the cosmonomad life, working in multiple mediums and finding balance, this in-depth interview has it all! And I had a lot of fun …

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Photo Flurry 141: Summoning Storms on the English Coast

A few weeks ago I had an unusual modeling job. It was unusual for several reasons: I’m mostly working on art these days, it was to be shot entirely on instant film, the photographer is actually a writer, and the look requested was described as “dreamy” and “timeless” – a far cry from my usual repertoire. Also, it was to be set in England, where I hadn’t set foot since 2009, save for that brief visit in April. After a …

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Declaration Station

Good morning, stardust surfers! Here are a few announcements for the coming weeks. October 11 This Thursday, I’m struttin’ for Halcyon  at the gorgeous historical Mayan theater in downtown LA. Get your tickets today, right here, by clicking the yellow banner titled, “Provocations”. November 2 I have a piece in the 100 Skulls exhibit at Kat Von D’s Wonderland gallery. My skull is inspired by Russian lacquer art, my Alien Botany research and gilded grills everywhere. A sneak peek of the …

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Photo Flurry 107 – Accumulation Station

It’s been a busy month at Ebb HQ. Technically, I shouldn’t even be writing right now, but if I don’t dump some of these images and words now, they’ll fester. June began with me preparing a presentation about the ghosts of the Moscow Kremlin for an event hosted by Doctor Paul Koudounaris at the Hyperion Tavern here in LA. Initially, I dove into one of my favorite subjects: Russian folklore, but was quickly reminded that it’s actually fairly stingy with …

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Photo Flurry 056 – Latex, Mother, Dog

I’m staring down the gaping maw of a monstrous to-do list and my brain is completely overrun with travel plans, the Wikileaks situation, and dancing squirrels, so no words today. However, the incomparable Allan Amato sent over a bunch of images from our early autumn shoot, so, voila! Everything from my standard supervillainous self to tan-lines and pit bulls. In Mother of London In Blacklickorish Latex More Blacklickorish With Nana, the beautiful hot-chocolate blue-eyed beastie. Latex by Brigitte More,

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Style Dispatch 013 – San Francisco Fly-by

Last week, on the day I was leaving for San Francisco, photographer Lydia Hudgens reached out to me about shooting one of my Style Dispatches.  Though my bags were already packed, I’d literally just seen and dug her photos of my friend Gala, so I agreed. Which reminds me! Photographers: if you’re in LA and want to shoot one of these installments, email me. I’d forgotten how fun it is not shooting them myself. In a way, I preferred it …

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Six Days Left to Buy Turquoise Tart

Just a quick reminder that Turquoise Tart, the “Infect” section header for Coilhouse Issue 05, disappears from the shop in six days. Click here to go to get it now! And while we’re all here, a preview from the shoot with Lydia Hudgens I squeezed in between raping and pillaging San Francisco: John Fluevog witch shoes Holy leggings Nylon dress Bag by Junior Drake Clear eyeglass frames More to come!

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Next Week: Master and Margarita Visit Dr. Sketchy NYC

Next Saturday July 10, A and I are paying tribute to one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century, Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita. Along with our very own Begemot the demon-cat [portrayed by Nik Sinn], we’ll be posing at the original branch of Doctor Sketchy’s in New York City, hosted by its notorious madam, Molly Crabapple herself. Begemot and Azazello by Coilhouse 05 featured artist, Chris Conn Askew In parallel but separate ways, The Master and Margarita …

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