Over the moon to have these chimerical photos published in the “Blood” issue of the gorgeous Giuseppina Magazine. Clint and I have been friends for eight years this year, comrades and confidantes across oceans of time, and regular oceans, too.

47-48_sEight years, eerily like the characters in the editorial’s namesake poem by Sparrow13. An excerpt:

me and him know each other clear
to the marrowbones and black mirrors by now
me and him go on anyway
eight years or twenty thousand


I posted a few of my favorites outtakes here, for the curious.


Publisher: Guiseppina Magazine, October 30, 2014
Wardrobe : Mother of London
Models: Clint Catalyst and Zoetica Ebb
Hair Cut / Color : Irene at Hairroin Salon Los Angeles
Photographer : Deniz Uzunoglu
With Special Thanks to Jessica Rowell and Mario Diaz, whose home we invaded to capture these shots 51-52_sUntil the Future,