Friends and fellow space rats, the stars smile on us this day because the first-ever high-res download of an Alien Botany paste-up is here, absolutely free! As promised when I launched my Patreon page last month, I made an easy-to-print PDF of the Mimus Candentis specimen, with not one, not two, but three (three! three!) pieces for you to beautify your room or street with, each at a different level of complexity. Right-click + Save:


How It’s Done

  1. Have 12 sheets of A4 or US Letter paper ready – the cheaper, the better!
  2. Open the PDF in Preview or in your Print menu
  3. Deselect the first page – it’s the cover you see above. You can print it if you want, but it’s ink-heavy. If you do, you’ll need 13 sheets of paper.
  4. Select the “Scale to fit” option and either “A4” or “US Letter”, this will create a border, some of which you’ll want to keep for structural integrity.
  5. Decide whether you want color or black ink and select the appropriate option
  6. Print


7. Decide whether you want to cut these out or not

8. Even if you don’t fully cut out the designs, you’ll need to remove the bottom and left borders. Lay out the designs and remove any border that would be visible on overlapping.


9. Stack the papers in order of application before pasting and separate them into large envelopes, or folders, or just use paper clips – it’ll help you move fast once you begin. You always want to start pasting at the bottom, since you’ll be overlapping to sturdy the finished paste-up against the elements.


  • Use a good, wide, synthetic brush and a paste container with a wide enough opening to dip into, like a paint can, or bucket, or a large sauce pan. Here is a handy wheat paste recipe.
  • Paste-ups are often not legal, so if you’re going to be enhancing your neighborhood, be sure to have permission, or an assisting lookout and wheat-paste-holder.
  • Please do not paste these anywhere they would detract from their surroundings
  • Please do not try to use any part of this commercially. I will find you. You don’t want me to find you. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.


Here is a Mimus Candentis blooming in a european cityscape.


Until the Future!