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FaceSquish, before varnish

Since this was taken a couple of weeks ago I’ve varnished and signed these little paintings, adding a few minuscule details in gold ink. That could prove difficult to photograph so here is this, for now. Oil on wood. Of late, poking at a new larger painting and a propaganda piece for Coilhouse, where I’m writing more than anywhere else these days. Shooting a lot for work. Not finding enough time to read which frustrates. This is not a night …

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Where is next for cosmonomad?

Thinking about my next adventure and its destination. I’m desperately missing Japan and Russia, but there is still so much uncharted territory that it seems unwise to return to either, yet. Decisions! I can, however, tell you with complete certainty that I will NOT be going to Dubai. In a turn of wonderful fortune and thanks to the massive effort put forth by his friends, colleagues, and many of you fine peeps Diz is finally returning home from Dubai where …

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New York, part the Third [shortly following part 2]

Afternoon tea in company of wonderful women at the lavish Arium. The talented and worldly Lisa Mei kindly switched cups with me – I wanted blue roses. I hope to see them all again soon. Then it was off to Element to hang my paintings. As you can see I was very sleepy from the previous night’s festivities. After, we headed out for ramen, walking through colorful neighborhoods of Greenwich Village. One of my favorite walks in recent history. Then …

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New York, part the Second

It appears I have no time for much beyond photo-blurbs , so the rest of my New York trip is a tale in pictures. To recap – by this point in the night we left Molly’s opening, stood outside Heath Ledger’s building and went on to the first night of Dances of Vice. There was a puppet show There was singing by the beautiful Nicki Jaine My dress held only by strategically applied rubber cement. Lucas wore a fancy coat …

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Bought this bento box in Koreatown. It promised me a dreamy future. BIG TOMORROW somewhere over today, happiness wait for you don’t look back and don’t worry. I believe, you should be happy let’s seek for dreamy future, we can fly to be free

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Good morning

It’s 2 am. Moments ago, a large taxi driver handed me a Russian Christian Ministries flier in the elevator of my building. “Please come – Saturday, 11 am.” He seemed to really mean it. After a pause I talked about the churches in Russia, how beautiful they are. He repeated “Please come”. Is nowhere safe? — This prompts a mini Flickr recap of recent days. Not motivated for NYC #2 update, yet. New painting, very early in the process. Oil …

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