The past year was the busiest I’ve ever been, and consequently the most fulfilling. I did learn a lot about stretching myself too thin, but it was most definitely worth it. Reflecting while writing this gave me a chance to examine the way I spend my time, which will hopefully lead to an optimized life system – now entertaining the idea of a monthly recap in this vein. In the meantime I’ll be doing some physical writing in regards to plotting, resolutions and the like. Beware – there will be links everywhere, and there will not be any jumps, cuts or otherwise. Onward, to the mega-post!

On April 7 I conceived and curated Seven Brides Electrified – an art show featuring Molly Crabapple, Genevive Zacconi, Camilla Taylor, Naomi Nowak, myself, Jennybird, and Kristen Ferrell. This was a huge success and a huge challenge, which isn’t to say I won’t do it again under different circumstances.

Completed 7 oil paintings:

  • The Pleiads, 4 pieces
  • Begin Transmission
  • Don’t Breathe on Me
  • String

This is roughly 1 painting every 2 months. Not thrilled about it.

Showed at the Hive gallery, once or twice.

Opened an Etsy shop, sold prints.

Designed flyers for Versatile Fashions.

Sold VooDoo Part 1.

In late summer I started working on a web and print magazine with my comrades Nadya Lev, Meredith Yayanos and Mil Von. This has been a wonderfully inspiring experience – I am looking forward to the next phase and all the phases to come. Very proud of the work we’ve done with Coilhouse thus far.

At some point during the year I decided to limit my modeling. The goal now is to only shoot when I’m truly interested, thus giving myself more time for other projects. Despite my love of dressing up and transforming into art it can be exhausting and time consuming. Some highlights are here.

  • Stephen McClure
  • Lucy w/ Dan santoni
  • Killing Moon with Nadya Lev
  • Several Allan Amato + Mother of London shoots
  • Published cover model and pull out poster in Sonic Seducer magazine, Germany
  • tons of weekly fun with Andrew Yoon for my fashion column
  • Stuntkid
  • Dr Sketchy’s LA – January
  • Dr Sketchy’s signing and more with Molly Crabapple at Meltdown Comics – March
  • Molly Crabapple and I made headlines with Dr Sketchy’s San Diego launch – July
  • Dr Sketchy’s LA – August
  • shoot with Lumi I have yet to do anything with
  • Versatile Fashions mini-shoot with Jhonen McVee
  • Drawn or painted by Molly Crabapple, StuntKid, Saturno Butto, Audrey Kawasaki, TomatoZombie, Julie Zarate, Sho Nuff, Grant Gould, Tequila, Shane Case,, Mark Taro, and several myspace peeps. Trying to keep track of everything but time’s been limited. You can see some of these works here.

I love to dance and have a dance background hailing back to when I was barely in my teens, so when LA Dr Sketchy’s host Kat Bardot moved in with me, I was easy to convince in joining the Vintage Vamps cabaret troupe. Eventually I realized I just don’t have enough time for it in my schedule [remember, I have a full time job on top of all this], as much fun as it is. I would most certainly do it again but on a single show basis.

Shows I performed in

  • 3 performances of La Belle Epoque with Vintage Vamps; March 7 at KingKing, 8 at The Mint and 15 at The Bordello
  • Solo performance with skull to Sulfur, a Rainyday Burlesque production, March 29
  • There’s no Business like Ho business with Vintage Vamps at The Ink and Iron Tattoo Festival, June 8 and 9 and at the King King soon after. This production concluded my affiliation with the Vamps, partially at fault of that production title.
  • Solo performance to Moscow Calling by Gorkiy Park in Teased hair – a Rainyday Burlesque production; June 23

Started photographing professionally with a work camera and actually making money doing so. Still don’t own a pro camera. Boo.

Have now maintained my fashion column What’s Zo Wearing? for over a year. The first installment went live on November 6, 2006.

Go go danced for at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas with Metal Skool, ha.

Traveled fancy-style to the pit of hell, a.k.a Arizona and ran the SG booth at Hell City tattoo convention.

In addition to What’s Zo Wearing I wrote several other feature articles, including an interview with friend and pig Jhonen Vasquez and a special on the costumes of Sweeney Todd.

Retouched every image and had my photography published in 2 SG Magazines: 1, 2.

Recreational activities of note


  • D and I greeted the year with a bottle of champagne under an open sky in Italy
  • Tokyo with Daniel, finally
  • Sand Diego
  • Arizona


  • Gogol Bordello
  • J Rock Revolution
  • Thee out Mods
  • Miyavi and Dir En Grey at Anime Expo
  • Dark Tranquility
  • Lisa Gerrard with Saturno
  • Pravda – the shadow of Stalin at the Disney Concert Hall
  • Kronos Quartet in a fountain
  • Fawn Fables, where I finally got to see Mer on stage

I’m sure I’m forgetting something.


  • had some great times watching movies and picnicking at Hollywood Forever cemetery with D
  • Discovered the R bar only to have it taken away by hipsters
  • had an amazing birthday celebration at the Edison
  • met Big Daddy S.S.
  • got a bicycle from my birthday [resolution: learn to ride it by summer]
  • did SFX make up for W.A.S.T.E. album shoot
  • was [probably clinically] depressed for 3 months after Douglas Addams died. It was a trigger, I imagine.
  • met Shien Lee and Lucas L.
  • Stopped a robbery in progress with Daniel
  • Discovered The Edison
  • Tons of cleaning, getting rid of things, quality over quantity, etc
  • MOCA Skin and Bones exhibit
  • Murakami exhibit at MOCA, which inspired me to write this review
  • two long overdue re-visits of the Museum of Jurassic Technology
  • Saturno opening at the Glass Garage gallery
  • ate divine soup dumplings in the San Gabiel Valley
  • Kat moved out, dear friend Veronica moved in, we had a fabulous housewarming party
  • attended two Jason Brown speeches
  • BarCamp!
  • Was interviewed by Jazma Online