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Because you’ve asked

Here are some examples of what I stuff my face with on a good day. Breakfast = A fruit smoothie. Today’s was bananas, strawberries, enhanced soy milk and honey. Not shown: coffee. Lunch = Carrots to be eaten separately, almonds to be mixed into the cale+purple cabbage+honey+peanut dressing salad.

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Thanks to everyone for their warm wishes about my engagement to Vee… …but in case you didn’t realize already, APRIL FOOLS! So, unfortunately, honeymoon photos will not be forthcoming.

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FaceSquish, before varnish

Since this was taken a couple of weeks ago I’ve varnished and signed these little paintings, adding a few minuscule details in gold ink. That could prove difficult to photograph so here is this, for now. Oil on wood. Of late, poking at a new larger painting and a propaganda piece for Coilhouse, where I’m writing more than anywhere else these days. Shooting a lot for work. Not finding enough time to read which frustrates. This is not a night …

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