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Zo! Style Technician. June 9, 2008

This installment of Z!ST is brought to you by two things I find myself missing more often than not: film and coffee houses. Kris Krug from Vancouver was here a few weeks ago and, to my happy surprise, used film for most of our photos. We shot at Cafe Muse – a relatively new coffee-zone that stays open ’til midnight and, staying true to its name, provides a guitar & piano to its patrons. Read/see the rest here, only on …

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The photo dump*

*where I dump on yewww Exhibit A: Lumi, Lisa of Eerie Art and I, being shiny and eating cupcakes at The Edison Exhibit B: New art, as mentioned yesterday. Limited edition museum quality prints are waiting to be made available for the first time to attendees of a very special solo show, coming up this summer. Exhibit C: in the bathroom of Paris on the Platte, my old-school Denver hang-zone Exhibit D: at a”Cowboys & Indians” party on Friday – …

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Zo! Style Technician – May 25, 2008

Traveling on business usually leaves no time to explore your surroundings. Spare moments are generally dedicated to little more than sleep and maybe a bath. However, should you have a few hours between meetings, what better way to spend them than exploring some industrial areas around town! Especially if that town happens to be Denver, Colorado, which was the case with this particular excursion. Read/see the rest HERE!

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If you were curious

Still in Denver. Here be some tweets. You see, the Twitter re-blogging app. kept breaking biorequiem.com so I’ve uninstalled it, for now. Sad, but necessary. Now into the down and sleep again. Tomorrow promises more work in purples and plums and silver. Then, a flight home.

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The Author at Leisure

Lou O’ Bedlam took this, too. Medium format, early afternoon at the Shadow Gallery. If I were a novelist this photo would go on the back of my last book. After being told today, again, that I need to start writing I’ll consider this.

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