As some of you have heard by now, Daniel and I were in a very bad car wreck on Sunday night. A van ran a stop sign and totaled D’s car as a result. Moo was in the car and was left miraculously unharmed, but ran away from the scene, terrified. More details here. She has no microchip nor tags on her.

We’ve been checking shelter websites and posting fliers all over the neighborhood but it’s not enough – the city of Hollywood has something called the Hollywood Clean Team that’s in charge of removing postings from major streets and intersections and they seem to think our little fliers are an eyesore.

Others seem to think it’s a great idea to call me at 7:30 am and say they found my dog, then hang up while their buddies laugh hysterically in the background. People are incredibly fucking cruel and I’m starting to feel a little sick every time my phone rings.

I know that tons of you have re-posted my call for help online – the amount of compassion and concern Moo’s receiving is the only encouraging thing that’s come of this ordeal. Thank you all so, so much.

This case requires physical action from those of you in Los Angeles. Please, print a stack of these posters and tape/staple them to light and electric posts when you can. D and I are doing as much as possible but are also injured and therefore slow.

My hope is that someone has taken Moo in and will return her to me when they see how badly she is missed. Thank you all again and please send all kinds of positive thoughts her way!