Meanwhile, the search for Moo continues. Visited two major shelters today with no luck. Even more convinced someone has and decided to keep her. LA residents, please, please keep your eyes peeled for my Moozer, perhaps in company of someone who is not me.

Last night was incredibly horrible, by the way. Let me preface the saga with letting you know that I was fairly certain they were fucking with me. But with no other leads to follow I couldn’t ignore the possibility, the fleeting chance, you see.

I haven’t mentioned this, but the day before yesterday I received several calls from 323.443.5904. The callers sounded around 14-15 years old and sent me on two wild goose chases, one during work hours, that ended with a lot of wasted time and no dog to show for it. The same people called yesterday something like 50 times, leading me to three different locations where they were going to meet me, with the dog.

Picture me standing in a parking lot, out of breath from running, looking around, cell phone in hand and a voice on the other end saying “Don’t you see me? I see you!” and then in a high pitched voice, “Calm down, puppy. Calm down, Moo. Oh you’re so cute!”. And so on and on and on. After 2 nauseating hours they confessed and I went to the Hollywood police station, where a lovely lady officer placed a call to these maggots they won’t soon forget.


So many of you have gone far above what I’d hope for from peeps who hardly know me or Moo, yet this is the rancid sewer slime that’s dripped right into my life. Perhaps to contrast all the wonderful emails and support I’ve received? Oh world and all its folly!