This was taken on the last day I saw Moo – last Sunday, just over one week ago.

All the leads I thought I had turned into dead ends. At this point I’m exhausted and at a complete loss as to what is next. Checking shelters? I’m doing that. Maybe bigger posters? A couple of people suggested I contact local TV. Since I don’t watch TV I’m not sure who/what/where that might be. Anyone care to point me in the right direction? Or point them in my direction, for that matter?

Craigslist hasn’t allowed me to post about her since the initial 2 posts last week. If anyone has a spare moment to post from their IP address, it would be a great help. A couple per day should be enough. I certainly don’t want to spam, so if you see that someone’s posted for me then maybe wait until the next day.

I am certain that someone has taken her in and doesn’t want to return her. After all she’s small, hilarious, adorable and smart. It’s very easy to love this little bitch. But I miss my friend and I can’t help but be completely heartbroken over this. I’ve dreamt that she’s recovered almost every night since the accident. Frankly, I love this dog more than most people. Any suggestions will be appreciated.