Inkdrops 026 – Gibson Girls Now Available Individually!

It’s October, in theory my favorite month of the year because of Halloween and the idea that fall is here, in the wake of the late September autumn equinox. I say “in theory” because here in LA we’re still melting in 100-degree heat, but skull-shaped goblets are readily available in drug stores, which means that Halloween is, in fact, approaching, despite this decidedly unglamorous heat. To celebrate, I’m making the ladies of the Gibson Girls Print Set available individually. This means that you …

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Oilslicks 009 – New Limited Edition Prints: Alien Botany

Oh, happy day! After yesterday’s advance announcement for Biorequiem mailing list subscribers, I’m happy to present two peculiar specimens. Playing on my fascination with chapter 8 of A Rebours and the the concept of alien botany, I offer you the first fruit of my dicey investigations, in print form. Available in signed and numbered limited editions of 44, the Cephalotus Geminus and the Cypripedium Lingua are now ready for purchase in the Biorequiem shop, separately or as a set. I can’t wait …

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Photo Flurry 086 – First Round of Prints Sailing Away

On Monday, the first batch of limited edition and other prints is heading out of their dim, inky womb and into your warm embraces. You have until Sunday night to get your orders in. The next rounds will ship out on the 5th, 12, the 19th and once more some time after the 26th, and then that’s all folks. Everything you see in the shop now will go away on December 31st to make room. Small bursts of art, merch, …

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Spring Shop Cleaning!

Spring is so close I can smell it. So far, it smells like oil paint, ink, coffee and the Mediterranean sea. I love smelling the future. Is everyone cleaning out their closets yet? I certainly have a bountiful mountain of stuff to eBay off in a week or two. Meanwhile, in the spirit of renewal, I’ll be nixing three prints from the shop on March 1, so if you were planning on getting either version of Honeydrip, or Poke in …

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Five Days left in Halloween-time Print Sale!

Just a quick heads-up – there are now only five days left to buy these limited-edition, inky-black-and-paper-white prints. Until November 7th only, Mommy-four-legs and Snake Charmer are in the Biorequiem shop, ready to become your best friends [or gifts for your friends]. Pick one up, or get them together as a set and save. The choice is yours!

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Inkdrops 015 – Limited Edition Halloween Prints!

Ladies and gents, step right up and take a look at these fantastical Halloweenie sights. See! Women who control snake-beasts with their beauty. Admire! Their poised power. Possess! Prints of wild-eyed dark temptresses. In honor of my favorite holiday, I’m releasing the mysterious [and dangerous] Snake Charmer, AKA “Infect” from Coilhouse 04, as a limited edition print. This print is available for two weeks only, beginning one week before and ending one week after Hallow’s Eve. 8.5×11″ velvet photo rag …

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