Photo Flurry: Kilmainham Jail

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 This post was commissioned by May Patreon raffle winner, Eric Berthelette. Big thanks to the entire Patreon crew for bringing so much within my reach! I love my Dublin neighborhood. The ten-minute walk to Phoenix Park, the IMMA literally across the street, the nearby canals – all of it feels tailor-made, nature and culture right at my doorstep. And right around the corner, a massive piece of history looms, foreboding and grey, drawing lines of tourists daily. Exterior of Kilmainham …

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Operation I – Hunting and Gathering

Our first dinner in the Dublin apartment, just over a month ago: duck and fried rice from the late-night take-away place across the road, washed down with some good, cheap Chilean Merlot. It was perfect, but after two weeks’ worth of take out and pub food during our apartment hunt, we were in dire need of fresh produce. Exhibit A: When we first moved in, we were happy to find a mini-grocery store on our block… Happy until our first …

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Photo Flurry 122 – Wet Leaves, Wet Pavement

I’ve been ignoring a fever since last week, but it hasn’t stopped me from continuing to get familiar with my surroundings, including Phoenix Park, where I just spent two rainy hours. ` This may not have cured me (I almost titled this post “Wet in Dublin”. Help.), but the open space, fresh air and all the rain smells certainly made me feel better while I was there.  Also: came across a large herd of deer and shot a number of exploratory …

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Operation I – Docked. Well.

Current status: bloomers and a mermaid tank top, cup of chilled black tea in hand, a sleeping Micron at my feet. A quiet “Ahhh” can be heard wafting through our new home, as things begin to glide into place. With some good advice from friends and readers, we’ve slowly began to build up our arsenal of spices, teas and cookware. There is plenty of settling and exploring in to be done, but we’re well on our way, with a superb apartment …

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Operation I – Loose Ends

Just a little update while I take a green-tea-and-sesame-pudding break from final packing hour. I’ve taken on the role of Chief Relocation Officer while G finished up last-week deadlines at his soon-to-be-former job, and this week was all about catching him up on my research and the tying up of loose ends, namely: Initiating the application for a bank account, which is essential for renting an apartment in Dublin More apartment browsing! Still undecided, but here is a view at …

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