The Countdown

Good morning, Biorequiem navigators! It’s been one intense month around these parts, as you can probably tell by the radio silence. Thanks to your generous contributions and help in getting the word out about The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing – it’s HAPPENING. In fact, it’s happening tomorrow. At this moment, I’m in a tornado of packing and tying up loose ends before boarding a plane for a one-month-long journey in China. My hair is freshly dyed to resemble a …

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Kickstart The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing!

I’ll never forget my first grown-up trip. I went to Europe fresh out of high school, using a travel guide called “Weird Europe”, which is exactly what it sounds like and made for the most remarkable adventure. Now, Shien Lee, Daniel Frei and I want to offer adventurers worldwide The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing – a video guide to the undiscovered side of one of China’s most exciting, burgeoning cities. We’ve just launched a Kickstarter page to fund this …

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D4RT – To The Wire

This is IT. The home stretch, the final 4 days of the fist D4RT Kickstarter. If you were planning on backing/blogging/tweeting/Facebooking/can-and-stringing about this, the time is now. We’re at $7,233, which means D4RT Yantaló is in good shape! My shopping list is ready, I’m consulting with several child educators, talking to representatives of the Yantaló school, and all other related wheels are in motion. I met with Luis Vaszquez of the Yantaló Peru Foundation over the weekend and am more excited for …

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D4RT Video Outtakes, Round 1

When making my video for the D4RT Kisckstarter project, videographer extraordinaire Josh Gibson and I shot hours of footage, much of it consisting of long takes we ruthlessly chopped into bite-sized chunks for the final cut. Going through the footage this week between work and Yantaló-trip-planning, and will be posting some of it here for the curious. And while we’re at it, if you have a Vimeo account, add me, yes? You know, just in case I ever get my own video camera.

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D4RT Kickstarter Page is Live!

The D4RT Kickstarter page is now live! If you’re tuning in for the first time, I’m in the process of creating an international mobile art workshop aimed at bringing art education and public art projects to struggling communities all over the world. This September, I want to bring D4RT to Yanlató – a village in the heart of the peruvian jungle. Some time ago, I met a group of documentary filmmakers working on a film about Yantalo. This meeting instilled an idea …

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Stills From my Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign Video

Next week, I’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign for D4RT. D4RT is a mobile art class that brings workshops and public art projects to impoverished communities all over the world, with its first installment to take place in September of 2011 in Yantaló. Yantaló is a village with a population of less than 3,000, nestled in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. I’ll tell you more about how I came to love this place and more about D4RT in my video, currently …

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