Good morning, Biorequiem navigators! It’s been one intense month around these parts, as you can probably tell by the radio silence. Thanks to your generous contributions and help in getting the word out about The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing – it’s HAPPENING.

In fact, it’s happening tomorrow. At this moment, I’m in a tornado of packing and tying up loose ends before boarding a plane for a one-month-long journey in China. My hair is freshly dyed to resemble a frosted sugarplum, my suitcase is waiting to be packed, to-do lists are being demolished at lightning speed. Shien, Daniel and I have been working around the clock, and now it’s time to make our concept a reality.

Thoughtful travel gift from Claire and Jason

Because I said I would if we reached our goal in time for our departure, I’m releasing my latest mini-series, Gibson Girls, as a print set. It’s up in the shop now at just $70 for all three prints, because Kickstarter makes me happy.

Though we’ve met our goal, there are seven days left to contribute to The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing. If you want me and the team to avoid eating ramen all month and to help cover mounting equipment rental co$ts, there is one week left to pledge. Thank you again for your support thus far – I can’t wait to show you what we find!