Photo Flurry 109 – The Prodigal Cosmonomad Returns

I’ve been back from China for two weeks and the jet lag is finally lifting its sticky film from my brain. Back on LA time, too, though Beijing hours still occasionally wake me up around 3AM – wondering who and where I am. For a few days, all I could do was sloth and sleep, avoiding email and calls to the best of my ability, which is to say not all that well. Duties, outstanding commissions and Kickstarter incentives flopped …

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The Countdown

Good morning, Biorequiem navigators! It’s been one intense month around these parts, as you can probably tell by the radio silence. Thanks to your generous contributions and help in getting the word out about The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing – it’s HAPPENING. In fact, it’s happening tomorrow. At this moment, I’m in a tornado of packing and tying up loose ends before boarding a plane for a one-month-long journey in China. My hair is freshly dyed to resemble a …

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