I know it’s tumbleweed city around here right now, but, as always, this lull shall pass. I’m busy with Coilhouse operations, shooting a lot for SG, as well as taking care of our home and my ever-fickle health. I hope to appease you with an art poll, a collage of recent webcam pics and video of a lovely girl modeling one of my Wiloh tees for their catalog. First, the poll. my last print offer went very well, so I will continue doing limited runs. To help me decide what to offer next, please take this mini-poll:



This summer, I’ve had very little time to devote to the ongoing 365 project, which I now lovingly call 36FAIL. In its place, I’ve been trying to at least use PhotoBooth whenever I remember. Here is a collection of highlights, starting with when I began bleaching my hair lighter and lighter. Click the image below for the large version.

And, the video! Here’s Kim in New York City, wearing Dissosiation – my design for the Wiloh online store.