Roman Viktyuk and Salome’s Frenzy

Theater is a big deal in Russia. I was regularly brought to puppet shows, the ballet and plays as a kid. Sounds luxurious, but we were’t especially wealthy and this was pretty normal for the times. The performing arts were known, respected, televised – they were part of everyday life. And for better or worse, theater is still a dominant ingredient in Russia’s pop-culture cake. In addition to TV and music celebrity, stage celebrity remains a Big Deal in Russia, which …

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Style Dispatch 012 – Inform/Inspire/Infect, With Soviet Memorabilia Bonus

On Saturday, hawtt shot photographer Lou O’Bedlam and I set out for the hills [a block or two away from his place] to find the perfect fence. We were on a mission to capture a couple of new items for the Coilhouse shop. I’d just gotten the hoodie the day before, and hadn’t had a chance to try it on before these photos, but now I CAN’T STOP WEARING IT. It’s a good thing I have several pairs of these …

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