Photo Flurry: Our Botanical Wonderland Wedding Party

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We were featured on A Practical Wedding! Click here to see more photos and read about the technical aspects of planning an overseas party. Around this time last August, G and I drove across most of the Croatian coast during our honeymoon, starting in Peroij and island-hopping our way to Zadar, from where we took the coastal route to Dubrovnik. Rewind a few more months to our wedding: a private ceremony at the Ljubljana Castle in January of last year. No friends …

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Photo Flurry 072 – Shipwrecked in Woodland Hills

Two weekends ago, my friends Marz and Adria had a double birthday/housewarming party. The theme was a fancy, multi-referential shipwreck, with tropical drinks, all manner of costumes, grillin’, oysters, water fun and, eventually, dancing – all against a backdrop of a perfect Woodland Hills view. I only took pictures in the first hour or two and hid my camera away for safety when more peeps started to show up. Our hostess, Marz Rickie, Marz and I playing dress-up Adrianne enjoyed …

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Photo Flurry 060 – A Valentine’s Day Time Capsule, 2006

Epic invitation by Lumi Once upon a time, Lumi and I had a Valentine’s Day party for the ages. Not just any Valentine’s Day party, mind you – it was called “L’amour Epineux” and our tag-line was, “Love Hurts”. The party celebrated every V-Day cliche and was vaguely fetish-themed, from what I recall. A [cough] trained butler was on hand to take coats and serve refreshments. We had all manner of food and desert and party favors, too – among …

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Mmmf 003 – Mission Control Warming Hors d’œuvres

On Saturday, roughly six months after we moved in, A and I had a little rocket-warming party to celebrate what’s finally beginning to feel like home. We don’t have people over too often, so I decided to feed our friends in addition the customary alcoholic offerings. Being nowhere near the expert level necessary to hold a full on dinner party for thirty people, hors d’œuvres seemed the most reasonable plan of action. Let me preface the rest by saying that, …

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