Photo Flurry 139: In Francis Bacon’s Studio

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If gazing into an artist’s studio is akin to gazing into their soul, this goes triple for Francis Bacon’s. Transported to Hugh Lane in its entirety from the original London location at 7 Reece Mews, it’s kept behind glass, the tumult of creation preserved down to its vintage dust. This tiny space overrun with canvas, rags and endless paper clippings, feels almost too candid, even though Bacon himself received visitors there – by appointment only. Paint strokes on walls and …

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Photo Flurry 093 – Work, Ramen, Pictures

It’s a busy January, between finishing paintings for this Saturday’s reception, working on interviews and photos for ChinaShop, drawings for tattoo commissions and a pinup for Occupy Comics. I’ve also started Spring cleaning early – a few fancies are out on eBay as we speak. On Monday, I managed to escape the toil and spend a day with my mom. I love, LOVE ramen. Real Japanese ramen, not the packaged dry sort, and I finally introduced mom to this magical concoction. …

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Photo Flurry 077 – Birthday Art at the Getty

This year, I decided to keep birthday stuff low-key, asking friends to contribute to the D4RT Kickstarter instead of gifts. 2011 has been strange and amazing and, at times, very overwhelming – so on my birthday I wanted to do something that would inspire and recharge me. This might become a new tradition. The Getty center has a few temporary exhibits closing in a few days: Paris: Life & Luxury [closing on the 7th], Gods of Angkor: Bronzes from the National Museum of …

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