What it Do.

It’s been over a month since my arrival in a Northern California autumn wonderland. What have I been doing besides taking pictures? Only a few things, and I intend to keep it that way. Alien Botany. Finished two more specimens for my drawings series, documenting details here as I went. So many more of them to capture. Building a three-dimensional model of Specimen 1. My first sculpting experience since way back in the day, when I carved human organs and faces …

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Hello, Fall! Time For a Little Biorequiem Housekeeping

Photo by A Fact: I love getting Thank You notes. The Turquoise Tart tip-toed over my threshold just a day or so past, looking very demure in her mailing envelope.  Once freed though, she was revealed to be a  sparkling creature still shimmering from her seraglio (or so it seemed), & i swear she winked. Just once. It’s a lovely print, thank you so much. Fact: I almost never have time to write them, so here is a a big, …

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