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Summertime Action // Projection

Hello again, my bioluminescent plankton of the cosmos! It is I, your navigatrix, here to tell you that the next two months are going to be so jam-packed that I may have to continue this sporadic manner of posting until Autumn. It always seems to me that SDCC kicks Summer into gear and everything becomes absurd for several months. This is certainly the case this year, and I’m going to do my best to keep you abreast of pertinent goings …

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Photo Flurry: SDCC Recap, Gurgled Through Sleep

Happy sleep, mind you. Though, as always, I didn’t get to see every panel or every attending friend that I wanted to, this was one of the best Cons ever for me. In part because I got to meet a ton of shifty internet types I’d been in orbit with over the past few years, in part because I finally managed to make it to all the parties I’d missed in the past, in part because A came, too, and …

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