Hello again, my bioluminescent plankton of the cosmos! It is I, your navigatrix, here to tell you that the next two months are going to be so jam-packed that I may have to continue this sporadic manner of posting until Autumn. It always seems to me that SDCC kicks Summer into gear and everything becomes absurd for several months. This is certainly the case this year, and I’m going to do my best to keep you abreast of pertinent goings on, in the order of their occurrence.

Gibson Girls

I accidentally started a new mini-series dedicated to William Gibson’s female characters, because my current schedule is not allowing me to work on Alien Botany pieces as much as I’d like. Each Alien Botany piece takes about a month to complete, so, to keep my hands from rusting off completely, I’m enjoying illustrating  some of my favorite laydeez with these simple portraits. Click the names to see them bigger.

Molly Millions

Cayce Pollard

Guest Post on the Dangerous Minds Blog

I’m happy to announce that a hefty research piece of mine, originally written for my reading at Ghost Night, is up on Dangerous Minds this week. DM happens to be one of my favorite blogs, and if you’re not reading them already, I suggest that you do. Ghosts of the Moscow Kremlin covers centuries of famous hauntings and touches on Russia’s tumultuous relationship with spirituality and magic.

Part 1. Part 2.

Occupy Comics Panel

And speaking of SDCC, I will be on the Occupy Comics panel on Saturday evening, 8PM, room 4. I’ll probably be around the con and con activities, otherwise – email me in the next day or so at zoetica[beep]gmail[boop]com if you’d like to grab an iced tea or something. I have no idea how busy I’ll be, but I’m always happy to escape for air and frosty caffeine.

Here, for the first time on the ‘wub, is my pin-up for Occupy Comics:

The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing

I’ve briefly mentioned the Secret Beijing Project, and it’s finally about to drop, likely next Monday! So what’s it all about? We’ll be launching our trailer, a detailed project summary and  the Kickstarter page imminently. Here are a couple of stills from my footage:

The trailer was shot over several days in LA and New York, and is being edited by our talented producer, Daniel Frei, as we speak. More on The Secret Guide very soon.

Until the Future!