botanical illustration

New iPhone Cases are Here!

I’ve been too busy with The Secret Guide to Alternative Beijing to let you know that I recently teamed up with Izozzi again, to create a couple of new iPhone cases. Mhm! Check them all out on my official iZozzi page.

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Oilslicks 009 – New Limited Edition Prints: Alien Botany

Oh, happy day! After yesterday’s advance announcement for Biorequiem mailing list subscribers, I’m happy to present two peculiar specimens. Playing on my fascination with chapter 8 of A Rebours and the the concept of alien botany, I offer you the first fruit of my dicey investigations, in print form. Available in signed and numbered limited editions of 44, the Cephalotus Geminus and the Cypripedium Lingua are now ready for purchase in the Biorequiem shop, separately or as a set. I can’t wait …

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