Photo Flurry: Gasper’s Birthday Feast

What better occasion to break my blog-fast that my Gašper’s birthday feast? I began celebrating at midnight the previous day, actually, surprising him with the return of his treasured watch, battery replaced and set in accordance with daylight savings. The next afternoon, while he was at work, expecting a light sushi dinner in the evening, I raided the nearby market for fondue supplies. Don’t let G’s elvish appearance fool you, the man is a cheese beast, and had been talking …

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Photo Flurry 077 – Birthday Art at the Getty

This year, I decided to keep birthday stuff low-key, asking friends to contribute to the D4RT Kickstarter instead of gifts. 2011 has been strange and amazing and, at times, very overwhelming – so on my birthday I wanted to do something that would inspire and recharge me. This might become a new tradition. The Getty center has a few temporary exhibits closing in a few days: Paris: Life & Luxury [closing on the 7th], Gods of Angkor: Bronzes from the National Museum of …

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Photo Flurry 038 – Best Mothras ever!

Today is my mom’s birthday. Yep, our birthdays are less than a week apart! This is my mom, pictured here with a wild beast: I love this picture. Happy birthday, Mothra! Enjoy cavorting in Laguna Beach! Coincidentally, when I walked over to the post office today to ship art prints, there was a package from the Czech Republic waiting for me. O double-glorious day! A’s mom has been back from India for over a month now, and she brought back …

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