Robot Girl by Zoetica Ebb

I took time off painting this week to let the oil dry and to work on tattoo commissions.


This one is for a patient, lovely Canadian who first contacted me well over a year ago, but was lost in the email abyss. She initially wanted something heavily biomechanical yet feminine. When I began to draw though, inspiration kept shoving me back to the minimalicious autoreids in Ergo Proxy and the iconic cyborgs in Bjork’s All is Full of Love video. Fortunately, when I showed the pencil sketch to Isabelle she was on the same page. I love clients who want sexy robot tattoos and trust me!

For this piece, I decided to let my ink-lines be a little more relaxed and to skip Illustrator entirely. I dig the interplay between what’s supposed to be a super-sleek artificial mechanism and a certain human element. Here is the final:

Robot Girl by Zoetica Ebb
Art is posted with the client’s consent and in good faith that none of you are naughty copycats.

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