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New York, part the Third [shortly following part 2]

Afternoon tea in company of wonderful women at the lavish Arium. The talented and worldly Lisa Mei kindly switched cups with me – I wanted blue roses. I hope to see them all again soon. Then it was off to Element to hang my paintings. As you can see I was very sleepy from the previous night’s festivities. After, we headed out for ramen, walking through colorful neighborhoods of Greenwich Village. One of my favorite walks in recent history. Then …

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New York, part the Second

It appears I have no time for much beyond photo-blurbs , so the rest of my New York trip is a tale in pictures. To recap – by this point in the night we left Molly’s opening, stood outside Heath Ledger’s building and went on to the first night of Dances of Vice. There was a puppet show There was singing by the beautiful Nicki Jaine My dress held only by strategically applied rubber cement. Lucas wore a fancy coat …

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Good morning

It’s 2 am. Moments ago, a large taxi driver handed me a Russian Christian Ministries flier in the elevator of my building. “Please come – Saturday, 11 am.” He seemed to really mean it. After a pause I talked about the churches in Russia, how beautiful they are. He repeated “Please come”. Is nowhere safe? — This prompts a mini Flickr recap of recent days. Not motivated for NYC #2 update, yet. New painting, very early in the process. Oil …

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