Afternoon tea in company of wonderful women at the lavish Arium. The talented and worldly Lisa Mei kindly switched cups with me – I wanted blue roses. I hope to see them all again soon.

Then it was off to Element to hang my paintings. As you can see I was very sleepy from the previous night’s festivities.

After, we headed out for ramen, walking through colorful neighborhoods of Greenwich Village. One of my favorite walks in recent history. Then back to Brooklyn to change and then back to Element for Dances of Vice! Documentation follows.

Daniel in his exceptionally effective costume. I have a few pictures of mine, as well, but I’d like to poke around first and see if I can find websites of the photographers who were present that night.

Brad Miller

Rasputina put on a show unlike any other shows I’ve seen them play

Amber Ray! There were many ladies in hats and feathers throughout the night, but I think we know who the winner was.

Huzzah! I had a fantastic time and met many, many wonderful people whom I hope to cross paths with again. Shien did a fantastic job and so did everyone involved – I’m happy to have been part of all the fun.

The next day it snowed.