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Found in old trunk: hand-beaded dress, pink. Box of dental dambs, crunchy. # The Mighty Boosh had a season 3?! My pig-source says "yes indeeed". # New! Free! Coilhouse poster drawn by me! Download it here — #

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Where is next for cosmonomad?

Thinking about my next adventure and its destination. I’m desperately missing Japan and Russia, but there is still so much uncharted territory that it seems unwise to return to either, yet. Decisions! I can, however, tell you with complete certainty that I will NOT be going to Dubai. In a turn of wonderful fortune and thanks to the massive effort put forth by his friends, colleagues, and many of you fine peeps Diz is finally returning home from Dubai where …

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Bought this bento box in Koreatown. It promised me a dreamy future. BIG TOMORROW somewhere over today, happiness wait for you don’t look back and don’t worry. I believe, you should be happy let’s seek for dreamy future, we can fly to be free

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New York: part 1

Flew Virgin America for the first time, which was very pretty and slick. Sadly, the seats didn’t recline nearly far enough for an overnight flight and the seat to seat chat seems a bit on the creepy side. Click the image below to be taken to the Virgin set on Flickr. Stayed in Brooklyn’s Park Slope with Mark – college friend of D’s – and his ladyfriend Sophia. I’d never spent time in Brooklyn before, and really dug it. Their …

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