Blush Response

Today, let us take a break from writing and indulge in a visual feast. In honor of No Make-up Week, I was going to dedicate this post to different types of gorgeous make up artistry out there, but instead I’m giving it all it to Eric Lafforgue. Eric is living one of my dream lives as a full-time photo journalist and his work has been making me swoon ever since I joined Flickr a few years back. In his travels, he’s captured incredible amounts of make up and face paint, a small fraction of which I present to you now. The man is brilliant. Brace yourselves.

Papua New Guinea nose ring - Mount Hagen

Surma boy with make up in Kibish area - Ethiopia

Because I'm Worth It - Hagener woman make up  Papua New guinea

Mount Hagen skeleton tribe - Papua New guinea

Mount Hagen singsing - Papua New Guinea

Kunming girl - China Yunnan

Kikuyu woman tribe - Kenya

Huli warrior - Mount Hagen Papua New Guinea

Hagener woman - Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea - Mount Hagen

Ghadames girl Libya

Kikuyu tribe - Kenya

God is thirsty - India

Surma boy with plants and fruits decoration - Kibish Ethiopia

Java dancer make up

Kathakali make up India

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Hulis Wigmen

Time to dance Kuda lumping - Java

Papua New Guinea boy

Papu face make up

Surma kids with decoration - Kibish Ethiopia

1..2..3! Pokot and flash - Kenya

Miss Toro, a (very nice) Hamar girl Ethiopia

Words sort of shrivel up and float away. No need for them, anyhow.