Blush Response

No Make-up Week is almost over. Already!? It’s been my most rewarding week of blogging on Biorequiem, and I’m infinitely grateful to Rachel of RabbitWrite for inviting me to participate, and everyone who had the chutzpah to share photos and speak up about their relationship with make-up, even when that meant digging up old fears and nasty experiences. I didn’t expect to have such an honest, raw and thoughtful response, so THANK YOU!  Seriously getting verklempt over here.

And though it is almost over, there is still the mighty weekend. That’s two days of potential outings and being around people, all without make-up. Can you do it? I plan to. Actually, I went out with a bunch of fabulously made-up girlfriends to a swanky night-zone on Wednesday night, and surprised myself when I felt just fine. I wore a three-piece pant suit, played up my short hair [while conveniently hiding my non-existent eyebrows, natch] and channeled Tilda Swinton as best I could without looking anything like Tilda Swinton.

If you’re playing catch-up over the weekend, check out all my No Make-up Week posts and, especially, the amazing responses:

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  • My request to you is to take pictures once you’re all dressed up to go out, and post them in the comments section, along with your experiences while out. Maybe there won’t be much difference, maybe there will – finding out is why we’re taking part in this experiment, after all. Whatever the case, I’m very curious to see how we all do it up without make up for nights out or hangin’ with friends, and think it would make a nice Monday morning collage, something to commemorate No Make-up Week with.

    I leave you with one final No Make-up Week question: has participating changed the way you feel about make-up, and, if so – how?