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what’s new you ask?
oh, it’s living, you know. Some brain parasites relent, others emerge.

I’ve been battling some demons. Also i am really, profoundly in need of a new bed. The twin’s inadequate for my needs. My bedroom is inadequate for my needs. Some serious redecoration is in order..i’m fantasizing about moving, as per what seems a semi-annual tradition, but not in any sort of realistic terms just yet. What i’d like is a vast space of some sort, perhaps downtown, to ornament to my whims. I may rid myself of most furniture. Who knows! I’m crayyzeh.

In spite of this i’ll be getting back to the Pleiades this week [had to finish up a small commission recently, and simply needed a break], planning a fall Tokyo adventure and shooting, both as photographer and model. Various ideas are rolling about my skull but they’re embryonic as of yet.

Live dance performances are as follows:

@ The Ink and Iron Festival with Vintage Vamps.
This is exciting for several reasons:
– We’ll be performing in the Windsor ballroom on the Queen Mary
– We’ll be sleeping on the Queen Mary [read: ghost-hunting]
– I’ll be on stage with my roommate and hot mess Kat Bardot

There may be a couple of shows following the Queen Mary ones, which i will announce later.

June 21st i’ll be dancing to “Drain” by X Japan “Moscow Calling” by Gorky Park at the second installment of Rainyday Burlesque – Hair Metal is the night’s theme and you do not want to miss what is sure to be a night of superb entertainment, large hair, tight clothes and METAL. Not to mention semi-exposed breasts. breasts breasts breasts.

More info on this to follow eventually.

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