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The Jail Gallery presents a collection of art from seven fascinating young women. Loosely focused around the number 7, playful madness, sexuality and dreams, the works are as diverse and unique as the artists themselves.

Jennybird Alcantra‘s unhinged fairy tale works have been likened to those of Salvador Dali.

Award-winning neo-victorian illustrator Molly Crabapple founded Doctor Sketchy’s Anti-Art School in New York.

Naomi Nowak was born in Stockholm, and creates phantasmagoric creatures and dreamscapes in her paintings and comic books.

Genevive Zacconi specializes in meticulously styled macabre oils and runs the Trinity Gallery in Philadelphia.

In addition to her intricate & eerie art, Kansas-born Kristen Ferrell has a darkly whimsical fashion line.

Camilla Taylor makes perversely odd dolls and prints that embrace dissatisfaction with adulthood, and has a line of vegan erotic fashion.

I’m thrilled to be curating and showing my work. My paintings are best described as otherworldly, and could be glimpsed here.

The concept: “Once upon a time, seven maidens were locked in a turn-of-the-century jail. They were daughters of nobles, kidnapped by henchmen of a wealthy sheik. He hoped to take them back to his far-away palaces as wives, but first they had to be ‘purified’ in the jail’s asylum. They endured captivity and savage electro-shock therapy, both meant to cure them of their deviant artistic inclinations. It was no use – fueled by electricity and suffering, our madness prevailed, and now the Jail opens its doors as a glorious monument to the work we’ve created.”

Jail Gallery was founded in 2006 by Lisa Nardoni (Maria Mars).
It’s a brand-new space downtown LA specializing in current voices of contemporary art.

The opening reception for Seven Brides Electrified will be held this Saturday April 7th, 2007 at 7pm, and is sure to be a sensational affair!

213.621.9567 —
Jail Gallery
965 North Vignes Street Suite 5a
Los Angeles, CA 9001