The Pleiades are complete. Though i’m so intrigued with their story, it’s a little difficult to stop.

I’ll be re-shooting these next time i have the fancy work camera in my possession, but here’s the idea. All done. I’ve altered a few things n the older ones, nothing major, just small details.

re: the future

i have before me 5 canvases measuring:



a pair of 8x10s

and a 9×12

Smaller than in a while [not since Muzzle have i worked this size], and the shapes lend themselves to be arranged in a cross shape, so I might be working with such placement in mind.

barbarella, originally uploaded by zoetica.

Photo from posing at Dr Sketchy’s a few weeks back. Please see the charming and talented Audrey Kawasaki’s post for some seriously wonderful sketches she did that day. I have many more photos from this day but no time to deal with them. Later, maybe.

Blasting off to Tokyo on the 13th, yo. Manifesting destiny and all that. Wish for me a deep wallet and an eagle’s eye, humans!

The end of September/beginning of October brings the launch of a new web+print [!] collaborative project. Wait for its shimmering glory to reveal itself. Waiiiit.