Photo Flurry: Gasper’s Birthday Feast

What better occasion to break my blog-fast that my Gašper’s birthday feast? I began celebrating at midnight the previous day, actually, surprising him with the return of his treasured watch, battery replaced and set in accordance with daylight savings. The next afternoon, while he was at work, expecting a light sushi dinner in the evening, I raided the nearby market for fondue supplies. Don’t let G’s elvish appearance fool you, the man is a cheese beast, and had been talking …

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Photo Flurry 097 – Weekend Warriors

This weekend: a visit to Blacklickorish latex studio + Conjoined closing party + watching Tango and Cash + making Manhattans + watching terrible music videos in bed + a day at the museum + sushi feast + sexy coffee time It seems inconceivable to an 80s action movie enthusiast such as myself, but I’d never seen Tango and Cash until this weekend. It’s packed full of hilarious one-liners, Kurt Russel continuously getting his ass handed to him and Stallone in a …

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Photo Flurry 037 – Birthday Treats

It was my birthday on Saturday. This year, I kind of wanted a skip day because our wedding celebration was such a grand party, trying to have another thing a few months later seemed kind of ludicrous. Plus, with all the travel and work I’ve been doing, I really just wanted a day of proper, solid chillaxing, which is what we did. The bulk of the day was spent at a hot springs spa two hours out of town, soaking …

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