Photo Flurry 138 – Sun-catching in Howth

Sometimes I just can’t do photo- justice to a perfect day. If I tried to document it adequately, I wouldn’t be able to fully experience it. Still, I’m glad I brought my camera along on mine and G’s day trip to Howth last weekend. Howth is a little fishing town neat Dubiln that was recommended to us by everyone from friends to the vegetable guy at the organic market, and now the weather agreed with them, too. Howth is full …

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Photo Flurry 123 – Sundrops in Glendalough

On Sunday, G, our new friend Michael and I packed a picnic and drove an hour and a half west to Glendalough, where not only did we get to explore an indelible part of historic Ireland, but to also truly feel the scope of Irish weather. We experienced everything from icy wind and rain to warm breeze and hot summer sunshine – all in a matter of five hours spent walking around one of the most beautiful green places I’ve …

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Photo Flurry 106 – Malibu Expedition

Saturday began with me admiring freshly-packaged stacks of Spacefriends. Cunch and I spent an entire day hand-packing these bad babies, so a degree of gloating was befitting. After the sticker revelry, A, Daniel, Sonya the dog and I drove out to Malibu for a picnic-n-hike adventure. I’d just had another mortality crisis, so physical activity and getting in close touch with the universe was more than necessary. There was salmon. There was also caramel and sea salt chocolate, home-made guacamole, berries …

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