Photo Flurry: Our Botanical Wonderland Wedding Party

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We were featured on A Practical Wedding! Click here to see more photos and read about the technical aspects of planning an overseas party. Around this time last August, G and I drove across most of the Croatian coast during our honeymoon, starting in Peroij and island-hopping our way to Zadar, from where we took the coastal route to Dubrovnik. Rewind a few more months to our wedding: a private ceremony at the Ljubljana Castle in January of last year. No friends …

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Photo Flurry 126 – Wild Plums and Fluffy Clouds in Slovenia

As a crash course in Slovenian topography, Gašper took me on a driving tour. In one day, we experienced the countryside, castles, mountains, winding forest roads and rivers, further fostering my quickly-multiplying affection for this place. Our first stop, the 13th century Turjak castle: The castle was officially closed to visitors that day, but the charming elderly groundskeeper kindly let us into the courtyard and showered us with trivia all the while. This gigantic linden tree at the castle gates …

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Photo Flurry 125 – Coffee and Castles in Ljubljana

I’m back from the multifarious adventure that was Gašper’s homeland, Slovenia, and would like to take you on a visual tour of my second day in Ljubljana, where we spent much of our vacation. We stayed in a small basement apartment owned by his family, which we found decorated with flowers and fruit. A welcome sight after a night of non-sleep before our very early morning flight, and the first hint of how lovely these people are. And if that …

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