Photo Flurry 032: SLC Dark Arts Festival

Why, hello tharr. It feels like I haven’t written here in ages, and I do apologize. Work and unpacking have been usurping much of my time and I’ve neglected Biorequiem and Coilhouse and almost everyone I know, too. Part XTREEM busyness, part XTREEM burnout. However, the house is about two days from 100% unpacked and all manner of exciting things are afoot, so your pilot is coming back in effect. 1. Coilhouse issue 05 is almost out! We’ve revealed the …

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Hi Ho, Hi Ho, to SLC We Go

Apologies for this fly-by posting, but it’s the way it’s gotta be for now. Tomorrow morning Clint, Paris and I are going to pile into a car and set out for Salt Lake City. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we’re performing at the Final installment of the annual Dark Arts Festival on Friday evening. What kind of performance, you might ask? Suffice to say it’s not burlesque and it’s not poetry and it’s not live painting. Good thing …

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