Photo Flurry 085 – Halloween’s Wake

I wonder how many of you get a little wistful after Halloween. TV networks stop re-running vintage horror flicks, pumpkins disappear from stoops and seeing ghosts on every other street corner  becomes a rarity once again. This year I’m just going to keep the spooky-time spirit alive and bask in scary movies, pumpkin spiced coffee and candlelight all winter long, while I hole up making new artstuffs. Not that it’s really winter here, but you know what I mean. Last week, I …

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Blush Response 023 – Basic Skullface

On Saturday, I spooked it up at the annual Dia de los Muertos festivities at the Hollywood Forever cemetery. Been going for years and it remains my favorite Halloween-time activity. The cemetery itself is massive, gorgeous, and home to the likes of Rudolf Valentino as well as weekend film screenings in the summer. The Day of the Dead party is by far the liveliest and most crowded of the events held here, though – with hundreds of altars, a procession, lots …

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