Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity, etc.

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Hello, world. I write this from that there chaise, with Micron nestled under my arm and morning California sunshine beaming through the windows. It’s been two weeks since we signed the lease for our American apartment and it’s beginning to feel like home. When we got to northern California, it was a little like the Dublin move (we had no idea where we’d end up), but also very different, because we now know a lot more about what type of …

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Photo Flurry 081 – Four Days to D4RT Launch

Good morning, universe. In just four short days I’ll be cramming my cargo into a little rocket and zooming off to Yantaló. The pile of books and supplies at my front door has gone from this: …to this: On Monday, I’ll do my best to post photos of the contents. it’s time for some serious suitcase Tetris! And maybe more prickly pear juice. LA is filled with all manner of cactus and this fruit is fairly easy to find in parks …

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