Chalk-drawing Robot Unveiled at The Interval

G and I had a lot of fun last night, checking out the unveiling of a new addition to The Interval salon – Otto, the chalkboard drawing robot. The Interval is one of the recent projects by the folks at The Long Now – the remarkable organization of innovators and preservation enthusiasts responsible for The Rosetta Project, Clock of the Long Now and The Long Bet Project, among others. The Long Now Foundation’s aim is to cultivate slower, long-term thinking …

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Antiviral: Cronenberg Resurrected

It’s been a while since I felt compelled to write about a cultural artifact, but the tide is turning. A couple of days ago I was in the twilight zombie state between consciousness and sleep, browsing the US Netflix site for something stupid and fun to watch, when a description caught my eye: Antiviral – This wild sci-fi vision imagines a freaky future where diseases caught by celebrities are put on the market for injection by their obsessed fans. The …

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