Inkdrops 029 – Alkonost Tattoo Commission

Click image to see her bigger. Alkonost || Tattoo design* for Claire This was incredibly fun to work on. Little-known fact: I drew another graphite Alkonost a few years ago for an unrealized project – it was never posted anywhere because… Well, it sucked. Having a second chance to explore the theme of one of my favorite Russian mythological creatures was pure redemption and delight – I actually want to draw more of these now, but have to work on …

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Inkdrops 027 – Foxy Fairies

Right before leaving for China, I received this commission request: two small drawings, on a budget, in the pages of a journal that would serve as part of a marriage proposal to a girl who really loves fairies. I was asked to make it sweet and told it didn’t have to be chaste. I received the journal the week before my departure, hoping for a few spare moments to work on it from the road, but the leather-bound notebook ended up …

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Photo Flurry 079 – Excited State of Overstimulation

Over the past month I’ve been busy working on D4RT and trying to keep up with commissions, so it’s been a challenge to stay on track with my streamlined routine – I can’t say that there haven’t been days of slipping into the over-caffeinated, under-hydrated work mode, but I’m adapting and managing to squeeze some life and fun in between all that work. Let’s play a game of breakneck catch-up, shall we? THIS WEEK On Monday, Cris and I went out to the …

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Tattoo Commission Ethics

In response to my Hearltess crest tattoo design, Biorequiem reader Alyssa asks: As a huge (silent, lurking type) fan of your various artistic endeavors, this is really astounding for me. How do you feel about people other than the commissioner having your work tattooed on them? A timely question! Since I’ve been on a tattoo commission kick lately, I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from my readers. Awesome! I’ve also run into a curious ethical issue: folks asking if they can …

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