Mmmf 013 – Blender Bender

As LA temperatures climb into the 80s, some of us find the desire to chew diminishing. If you’re too hot for solid food or just curious about adding raw dishes to your menu, rejoice! I’ve been guinea-pigging a couple of ridiculously simple, healthy options that should make your mouths Mmmf with gratitude. RAW BORSCHT The staple soup of My People, the original borscht calls for a minimum of two hours of cooking time, but this raw, pared down option will …

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Mmmf 001: Roasted Beets + Citrus Reduction

Less than two years ago I said “I like to cook but don’t really do it”, and now I’m a motherfuckin kitchen master. OK, maybe not quite a master, but I do cook all the time, and love discovering new recipes. Mmmf is my favorite term for something amazingly delicious, thus it is the title of favorite culinary stuffs I post here from now on. Bon appettit! To start, here’s a ridiculously simple step-by-step to lead you to orangy, beety …

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