alien botany

Alien Botany Blooming

Spring is here and my intergalactic flower garden is blossoming. Here is a sneaky peek to tickle your eyes while Ada and I work behind the scenes (and maybe duck around the corner to let out a happy squeal, but didn’t hear that from me, no).

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Inkdrops 027 – Amorphophallus Venusinus for Wonderland Gallery

In November, I was part of the Skulls exhibit at Kat Von D’s Wonderland gallery. Close to one hundred artists reinterpreted acrylic skulls we received in the mail. Mine is inspired by Russian lacquer art, my Alien Botany research and gilded grills everywhere. After painting one of my specimen in gold leaf paint on the skull, I collaborated with graffiti artist Seraphix on the script (thanks, Antoni!). A bunch of pictures were taken before I sent the finished skull off to Wonderland, but I haven’t had the …

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