Style Dispatch


I’m just going to stop apologizing for taking too long to post this or that. So what if it’s been two months since the last Style Dispatch? You’ll take it when you can get it and you will love it. YEAHH! Wait… Where are you going? I was just joking. Please, come back. I took some photos of an outfit for you and everything! Was saving them for the holidays, but here they be now because I will have bigger news to share later in the week, anyway.

I call this look, The Chimney Sweep’s Daughter.


[the filth is on the inside]

The draped funnel neck shape I hold so dear is acquired here by draping and pinning of a light cloak over a thin sweater, mixed with a skirt+sock combo and rounded off with a  pair of sturdy Victorian-era-inspired ankle boots.


This silhouette is fun and relaxed, but still allows for a glimpse of  femininity. The loose cloak shows the body’s shape by revealing tight sleeves and part of the torso. Wearing this combination with a skirt and heeled boots highlights the legs and balances the purposely-lumpy top. It’s a nice break from formfitting garb on colder days, when oft-eschewed comfort appeals more than ever.


The Components