I love Absinthe. In the past 12 months, I’ve recommended an Absinthe documentary to my readers, talked about my love of hidden Absinthe bars in an interview, offered Absinthe drinks with me as an incentive for my D4RT kickstarter project, topped sorbet with Absinthe – are four examples testament enough?

As an artist and art history enthusiast, one can’t help but be enchanted with this emerald potion, long associated with the muses thanks to the imbibing artists of 19th and early 20th centuries, such as Picasso, Degas, Gauguin, Van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Verlaine, Hemingway, Wilde, Zola, and Crowley, to name a few.

It used to be nearly impossible to get real Absinthe in the US, but the laws have loosened up and my Ladies’ Absinthe Night became a reality, aided by a generous UK friend, who gave me a set of Absinthe glasses and spoons. Sort of a reality, anyhow, considering the previous get together was held last year and the one last Friday was hardly “ladylike”, as you’ll see below. Still, I’d like to make it more of a regular happening, something of a salon, which has been an idea gestating in the back of my skull for several years now.

And while this salon concept is taking shape, last Friday it was more of a bordello, which I’m more than happy with. Without further ado, the photos, starring Marz, Ginny, Stephanie, Vivka, an adorable kitten, an upsetting bunny suit and yours truly. Special thanks to Allan and Christiane for loaning us their home!

We drank St. George, which is an incredibly smooth Absinthe, made in Alameda, CA. I wrinkled my nose at the concept of Cali Absinthe at the shop, but was convinced by the owner and it’s actually divine.

Vivka’s gallant attempt at uncorking

Stephanie takes over

In addition to this classic water-and-sugar-cube method, we made Death In The Afternoon, which a delightful and potent mix of champagne and Absinthe.

Vivka evaluates her first taste of Absinthe

A number of our male friends threatened to infiltrate the fun in drag. None showed up, and it’s really for the best.

Marz and aforementioned kitten

Cheers, Ginny!

Marzist acrobatics

Where it all goes wrong…

and my Slutty Jumper comes out…

only to be absorbed by the VIVETICA.

Click for upsetting gif action, courtesy of Stephanie!